We have the greatest pride in
our products which has
over 90% whole kernel
with 99.975% purity.

We at Sea Star; strive to provide our clients with the best services and quality of products, servicing you and making your requests a priority will be part of our core values and integral daily task.

Net weight for our packed pistachio kernels is 10KG before vacuum bag and the carton, and we provide the best quality assurance you may find globally to meet your needs and expectations, our main goal is to serve you achieving your target and make your life easier. With regard to documents you may need to get import approval; please note that we are ISO22000 certified, FDA registered, HALAL certified, Kosher certified and we can provide you with all the requested documents signed/stamped from concerned government section, chamber or entity as needed. As for packing; we do have our own brands as in the attached photos (EL BASHA, PLANTATION,YOLLA) and we can do packing as well as branding for your order as you wish.